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Software Solutions for Model Based Enterprise and Industry 4.0

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    Solutions for Model Based Enterprise and Industry 4.0

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    Computational Fluid Dynamics and Cardiovascular Blood Flow Simulations

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  • Comparing CAD Models

    The comparison of two CAD models, to assure they are effectively the same. Validation of derived (translated) models against the authority model is an important part of ISO standard quality procedures, and common industry requirements like Boeing Supplier Quality Assurance D6-5199.

  • Bill of Characteristics & FAI Reporting

    Characteristic ballooning, inspection plan generation and distribution, and measurement results acquisition — all as a highly automated, MBD-based process.

  • 2D to 3D Annotation Synchronization

    A process where the annotations on a 2D CAD drawing are read, and used to create PMI annotations in the associated 3D CAD model. The process is automatic, with color-coded visual feedback showing any problems.

  • CAD Data Translation

    The conversion of 3D CAD data to and from proprietary file formats used by enterprise and mainstream CAD systems, and/or industry standard file formats.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    Capvidia has a partnership with Jotne EPM Technology, an innovative software company providing solutions for Industrial Data Management, using open and public standards. Capvidia brings to this market a new solution for long-term 3D data archiving with the EDMmodelServer.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Building a CAD model from point cloud data. Generating a CAD model from an existing physical artifact is one of the most mathematically challenging tasks in the business. That’s why Capvidia is a good choice for your solution. 

  • MBD Tools for Creo

    A Creo-based plug-in that enables CAD users make the jump to 3D MBD.

  • MBD Tools for SolidWorks

    Import data, validate translations, verify model quality, and publish MBD data directly from within SolidWorks.

  • MBDVidia

    MBDVidia gives you the power to unlock your 3D CAD/MBD models to drive downstream product development activities, without requiring a CAD license, or expensive and complex integrations.

  • CompareVidia

    CompareVidia is a specialized application for comparing and validating 3D CAD models. It detects and identifies even the smallest errors or changes in geometry, topology, and annotation (including PMI), letting you reuse your CAD data with complete confidence.

When you work with Capvidia, you join an innovative community of people dedicated to solving he world's biggest problems.

Edward McCain, FERST&CO, USA

We chose CompareVidia because it is extremely simple to use. The results are easy to interpret and well organized. You don't have to be a CAD expert to validate data translations. We are very happy with this product.

Mike Brown, General Manager of Aero-Plastics, USA

FormatWorks is an essential tool for our operation that saves us considerable time and money. With FormatWorks we can spend our time building our tooling and not working out translation problems.

Jim Lewis, President of Precision Pattern Inc, USA

This second review

Gordon Freeman, Black Mesa (USA)
  • For SolidWorks Users Working with Imported CAD

    06 - 06 Jun, 2017
    Tut. Moscow

    Using SolidWorks to import and work with 3D models created in other CAD is not always aer in aving engineering time and keeping projects and budgets within defined limits and time schedules.

  • CAD Data Quality

    06 - 06 Jun, 2017
    City. Russia

    CAD data quality assessment and definition are not trivial issues. The first question one can ask "what is the CAD data quality and how can we define criteria telling us that a given model

  • Capvidia at Metromeet 2017

    22 - 24 May, 2017
    Meet us at Metromeet 2017. Bilbao, Spain

    Modern metrology systems consist of a patchwork of various individual software packages…

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